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TASLink SDK 2.12.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 02/10/2013

Release Notes

The main change in this version of TASLink (SDK) is the addition of Purchase Order Processing functionality.

This has added a significant amount of funtionality however the effect is TASLink (SDK) v2.12 breaks binary compatibility with previous versions (v2.11).

Reminder: If you are an existing TASLink developer and will be linking to TASBooks v3 (released November 2011) or v4 (released November 2012) datasets please check your code is not affected by the Index Changes detailed in points 10 and 12 onwards below (which came into effect as of TASLink v2.10).


  1. Added support for Purchase Order Processing
  2. Sales Order header information for existing incomplete orders now treated as Read/Write (previously Read-only)
  3. Added limit of 249 lines to Financial Journals (TASBooks will not allocate journals containing more that 249 lines)
  4. Fixed bug whereby Delivery Addresses could be created for non-existant Customer Codes
  5. Fixed bug whereby FinancialJournal DocumentReference From/To filter gave unexpected results
  6. Fixed bug whereby StockTransactionLines Transaction Date From/To filter gave unexpected results
  7. Fixed bug relating to Customers Cash Account flag
  8. Fixed bug whereby Customers Default Send Mail flag was incorrect (used Suppliers flag instead)
  9. Fixed bug whereby User Notes were not retrieved correctly
  10. TASLink.FinancialJournalLineSortOptions Changes
    • If accessing TASBooks v3 or newer dataset, 2 members of TASLink.FinancialJournalLineSortOptions have changed. These sort options will not be available if you are using older versions of TASBooks
      • 0 – was TradingPartnerCode. This is now UniqueID
      • 5 – was ReconRef. This is now NominalLedgerAccountNumber_AND_DocumentReferenceNumber_AND_TradingPartnerCode
  11. TASLink.FinancialJournalLines Changes
    • 2 members have been added to TASLink.FinancialJournalLines
      • PostingNumberFrom_Filter
      • PostingNumberTo_Filter
    • The above can only be used if PostingNumber_Filter is set to 0
  12. TASLink.SalesOrderSortOptions Changes
    • If accessing TASBooks v3 dataset or newer, a member of TASLink.SalesOrderSortOptions has changed (due to being changed by TAS). Reminder: This sort option will not be available if you are using older versions of TASBooks
      • 3 – was InvoiceNumber. This is now CustomerCode_And_OrderType_And_PrintingPostingStatusFlag_And_SalesOrderDate

We continue to work on being able to give developers the option of being able to edit financial journals in TASBooks (that had not been reconciled or submitted as part of a VAT return). We will keep you updated on progress.

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