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Advice re TASLink (SDK) when used with Web Servers

Unfortunately, TASLink (SDK) does NOT currently guarantee thread safety.

Rather than threads, you may use multiple processes to invoke separate instances of TASLink if you wish, but in either case you must ensure that each concurrent instance of TASLink uses a different username per TAS dataset – e.g. we have one site who set up USER1, USER2, USER3, etc in SIM for logging into TASLink, although you may find it more appropriate to name these like SDK1, SDK2, SDK3, etc.

e.g. For a TASflex-powered web server responding to web requests, we would expect that TASflex be loaded by one/many persistent process(es) rather than being loaded/unloaded per web request. You would then implement your own thread-safe method for communicating with this/these processes from the web request/sessions. As ever, it depends on the design goals of your system.

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