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MultiTAS 3.5.80 Release Notes

Release 1: 09/06/2015
Release 2: 07/07/2015

Changes/Fixes in v3.5.80 (09/06/2015)

  • Fixed an issue in Sales Order Entry that produced an error where products had been created in TASBooks rather than MultiTAS
  • Fixed an issue in EDI Order Import where the specified price of the first line of an EDI order was over-ridden by the TASBooks price no matter what
  • Fixed an issue in Build Assembly where an endless loop was encountered when building the last assembly of the assembly list (sorry Suzy!)
  • Rewrote the Stock Adjustment (521) in .NET to resolve memory leak issues
  • Fixed an issue in the Product Report where the extended description was not being exported

Changes/Fixes in v3.5.80 R2 (07/07/2015)

  1. Fixed an issue in Sales Order Entry where Line Discounts were calculated incorrectly (if discounting the unit price then multiplying by the quantity) although the correct figures where posted to TASBooks on print/post
  2. Added ‘All Products’ filter to General Sales Analysis report (631)
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