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MultiTAS 3.5.79 Release Notes

Release 1: 06/03/2015
Release 2: 13/03/2015
Release 3: 27/03/2015

New Features for v3.5.79

  1. Compatibility with TASBooks v6.

Changes/Fixes in v3.5.79 (06/03/2015)

  • Fixed an issue in 5.2.2 where the Qty On SO for a product was updated wrongly when assigning an invoice created in TASBooks. Thanks Peter!
  • Added a Show All option to Programs 5.1.4, 6.1.2 and the Account History form in 2.1.1.
  • Fixed the initial form view of various forms to improve your experience
  • Sales Order Entry now takes into account whether a product has been discontinued at a specific site/warehouse/location (or not – Trade feature users only)
  • The Product Movement report now makes the GMV reference available in the work files.
  • Undid a previous change to 5.6.5 so the list of components used when building an assembly now appears in the main transaction file – sorry Suzy!
  • Attempted to fix what appear to be memory leaks in Program 5.2.1. Unclear if successful, this feature will be upgraded to a .NET form at the earliest opportunity.
  • Where extended descriptions have been used, this can now be ‘captured’ when Sales Order Document Processing (Program 6.2.X)
  • Improvement to how Extended Descriptions are handled when Product(s) are put on back order – populate additional fields in the work files so that this situation can be detected.
  • Fixed mentions of Retail Price (ex VAT)(ex VAT)
  • Major improvements to Program 2.4.3 concerning the email of statements
  • Fixed various typos
  • There are new .NET versions of Program 5.3.1 (Product List) and 5.3.5 (Product Margins Report).

Changes/Fixes in v3.5.79 R2 (13/03/2015)

  • The Stock Valuation report now includes a date/time stamp at the end of it’s filename.
  • Shipped an updated component that had been missed from the initial release. If you use Assembly Versions and installed v3.5.79 please update ASAP

Changes/Fixes in v3.5.79 R3 (27/03/2015)

  • Fixed an issue in Sales Order Entry where the settlement discount was not calculated correctly if you chosen to calculate VAT before any applicable Settlement Discount. This to account for recent legislation changes. If you have a bespoke invoice template and use Settlement Discounts then you may wish to email it to to be updated.
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