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MultiTAS 3.4.78 Release Notes

Release: 22/12/2014

New Features for v3.4.78

  1. Build Enquiry5.7.C – a new function for the Manufacture feature to allow you to check whether your current stock situation allows you to build a desired quantity of an assembly. Any shortfalls are displayed in a grid.
  2. Maintain Assembly5.6.2 – a new option has been added that will offer to recalculate/update the selling prices of an assembly when you save
  3. Manage Users0.4.1 – a new function that allows you to decide on a user-by-user basis who can see Product and Order costs. If not set then defaults to the TAS 0.1.2 setting

Changes in v3.4.78

  • Fixed an issue in 6.8.4 when copying a sales order to a credit order – negative quantity lines on the sales order became positive quantity lines on the credit order
  • Fixed an issue with the MultiTAS data check where the Version field(s) were not updated properly for assemblies and works orders
  • Program 5.8.9 now takes Works Orders into account and updates the QtyOnWO_In / QtyOnWO_Out fields for each product (drill-down on 5.1.1 Quantity in Stock field to confirm)
  • If you have either of our ONM or Order Tracker bespoke modules then you now see the correct menu option (and not both)
  • For recently added features, MultiTAS was not honouring User Access settings from SIM – it is now
  • Sales Order Processing – the UserID of the user who last saved an order is now available in the work files
  • The Sales Channel menu has been removed
  • There are new .NET versions of Customer Report (2.3.1) and Supplier Report (3.3.1)
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