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What does Infoplex TASBooks Basic Support cover?

Last Update: 13/02/2018

Our TASBooks Basic Support services covers a range of issues in a number of areas.

These include:

  • TASBooks client setup issues
  • TASBooks-related networking issues
  • “How can I achieve this?”
  • “I can’t remember my password”


It is important to clarify what is outwith the scope of our TASBooks Basic Support service.

  1. TASBooks software upgrades
  2. TASBooks software system bug repairs
  3. Extensive database maintenance-repairs
    • The guide for “extensive” is any database repair that takes longer than 30 minutes and/or involves more than 3 database tables.
    • Database maintenance significantly out-with the working day of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday is chargeable at the current rates.
  4. Assistance with migrating from TASBooks to another accounting platform – we can assist with exporting key data but this would be chargeable Migration Services rather than Software Support. TASBooks can export the basic ‘Master’ Customer/Supplier/Product Lists via TASBooks programs 2.3.9, 3.3.9 and 5.3.9

Note: you, the client, are responsible for ensuring that backups are taken regularly (we strongly recommend daily) and are of good quality. In the event that you suffer an extensive corruption, mis-post a number of transactions or anything similar then the only course of action is to restore from your last backup. Infoplex Ltd are in no way responsible for your backups.